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Publication policy

Earth System Science Data (ESSD) and its discussion forum Earth System Science Data Discussions (ESSDD) are published by Copernicus Publications on a non-profit basis, offering the following:

  • distribution via the Internet and paper copies;
  • Internet access to published articles free of charge;
  • financing by moderate article processing charges;
  • utilization of the full potential of electronic media: colour illustrations and supplementary material (large data sets, films and animated visualization, etc.) at no extra charge, efficient linkage of related information, etc.
  • author copyright;
  • publication under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License (enabling electronic and paper copies);
  • efficient new way of publishing special issues;
  • publication of top-quality revised papers stemming from an innovative two-stage publication process with Interactive Public Peer ReviewTM involving ESSDD.

Earth System Science Data Discussions (ESSDD):

  • rapid publication of high-quality manuscripts as discussion papers;
  • efficient access review involving technical corrections but no further revision before acceptance/rejection (for details see interactive review process);
  • interactive public discussion: immediate non-peer-reviewed publication of referee comments (anonymous or attributed), author comments (on behalf of all authors), and short comments by any registered member of the scientific community (attributed) alongside the discussion paper (for details see types of interactive comments);
  • permanent archiving and accessibility of discussion papers together with the interactive comments (commented papers);
  • individual citability of every discussion paper and interactive comment.

General aspects concerning the role of authors, editors, and referees are summarized under general obligations for authors, general obligations for editors, and general obligations for referees.

Copernicus Publications reserves the right to replace a *.pdf file if purely technical corrections are necessary (e.g. corrupt file or incorrect bibliographical entry). Under no circumstances will there be any change of the content.