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Earth System Science Data The data publishing journal
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Manuscript types

The following types of manuscripts can be considered for peer-reviewed publication in Earth System Science Data (ESSD) and its discussion forum Earth System Science Data Discussions (ESSDD):

  • The journal maintains sections for regular-length articles, brief communications (e.g. on additions to data sets) and commentaries, as well as review articles and special issues.
  • Articles in the data section may pertain to the planning, instrumentation, and execution of experiments or collection of data. Any interpretation of data is outside the scope of regular articles.
  • Articles on methods describe nontrivial statistical and other methods employed (e.g. to filter, normalize or convert raw data to primary published data) as well as nontrivial instrumentation or operational methods. Any comparison to other methods is beyond the scope of regular articles.
  • Review articles may compare methods or relative merits of data sets, the fitness of individual methods or data sets for specific purposes, or how combinations might be used as more complex methods or reference data collections.
  • Corrigenda correct errors in preceding papers. The manuscript title reads as follows: Corrigendum to "TITLE" published in JOURNAL, VOLUME, PAGES, YEAR. Please note that corrigenda are only possible for final revised journal papers and not for the corresponding discussion paper.