ESSD seeks a Chief Science Editor

21 July 2021

The prominent Copernicus journal Earth System Science Data (ESSD) is seeking a chief science editor. The science editor will work with executive and managing editors to guide and advance ESSD's role as a leader in publishing high-quality data descriptions. This editorial team serves as ambassadors for the journal throughout multiple communities of the Earth sciences and recruits and supports topical editors.


  • Scientific breadth
  • Excellent written and spoken English language skills
  • Dedication to open-access data sharing
  • Editorial and administrative experience


  • Collaboration skills
  • Strong professional reputation
  • International connections
  • Familiarity with Copernicus publication systems


ESSD evaluates and certifies data quality and data accessibility, leveraging expertise of subject matter and data management experts. ESSD offers a clear exchange: providers get credit for the work of curating and sharing data while users get access to high- quality products. These outcomes – a tangible benefit to data providers, useful products to data users – stimulate a growing library of open-access data produced and used by our global research community. Both submission and publication numbers are growing at an accelerating rate, testimony to the need for ESSD as a platform for data access and quality assurance.

As expectations and capabilities, e.g. for file sources or sizes, formats, and processing tools evolve, the editorial team of ESSD works assiduously to continue ESSD's reputation for quality and innovation. All ESSD editors work on a purely voluntary basis without renumeration. ESSD thus depends on the commitment and enthusiasm of colleagues in the Earth and environmental sciences.

Interested readers can find a short history and description of ESSD at For an accurate recitation of ESSD expectations see guidelines for authors and contributors at

ESSD offers

  • Opportunities to enable cutting edge science
  • Tools to actively shape open- data standard
  • A passionate team of editors
  • The full support of Copernicus' Editorial Support team


Interested colleagues are kindly asked to contact Dave Carlson, ESSD Senior Chief Editor, at their earliest convenience.