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Update of publication policy

04 Jul 2017

The updated publication policy now is extended by the journal's open access statement, its archiving and indexing scheme, and explicit policies on corrections and retractions.

Revision of editors', referees', and authors' obligations

29 Jun 2017

The general obligations for editors, referees, and authors have been revised to give advice for the appropriate handling of literature suggestions.

New Journal Impact Factors released

15 Jun 2017

Clarivate Analytics has published the latest Journal Citation Reports®.

New licence & copyright agreement

06 Jun 2017

From 6 June onwards, all newly submitted articles, if accepted for publication, will be distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

New display and citation guidelines for DOIs

06 Jun 2017

To make it as easy as possible for users without technical knowledge to cut and paste or click to share DOIs, CrossRef has changed the display and citation guidelines for DOIs from "doi:10.5194/abcd" to "".

International Geo Sample Numbers (IGSN) now includable in article assets

19 May 2017

Since early 2016, Copernicus Publications has been enabling authors to connect their articles with underlying or related material such as research data, model code, or scientific videos. To enhance reproducibility it is now also possible to include International Geo Sample Numbers (IGSNs) as assets.

2017 Tinker-Muse Prize open for nominations

17 Mar 2017

The Tinker-Muse Prize is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in Antarctic science and/or policy and who shows clear potential for sustained major and significant contributions that will enhance the understanding and/or preservation of Antarctica. The deadline for nominations is 17 May 2017.

Inaugural global methane budget published in ESSD

12 Dec 2016

Today, Earth System Science Data published the inaugural global methane budget. This budget quantifies for the first time the ensemble of the many sources and processes that determine global methane concentrations in the atmosphere.

Global Carbon Budget 2016: continued low growth in carbon emissions

14 Nov 2016

Detailed data of the Global Carbon Budget 2016 were made available in Earth System Science Data (ESSD) today.

Geographical distribution of views now available in journal ALMs

08 Sep 2016

Copernicus Publications has extended the article level metrics (ALMs) by showing the geographical distribution of views. This information is available for articles published after 3 August 2016.

First Journal Impact Factor for ESSD released

17 Jun 2016

The ESSD chief editors are delighted to announce that Earth System Science Data (ESSD) has received its first Journal Impact Factor.

ESSD reception at AGU

14 Dec 2015

We would like to invite you to our ESSD reception at the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. Please join us on Tuesday, 15 December 2015 at 11:00 at the Copernicus booth (#1133).

Workflow of ESSD reorganized

10 Dec 2015

We have summarized the upcoming changes to ESSD by the end of the year.

Global Carbon Budget 2015: global CO2 emissions projected to stall

07 Dec 2015

Detailed data of the Global Carbon Budget 2015 were made available in Earth System Science Data (ESSD) today.

Citable video publications for ESSD authors

29 Oct 2015

In cooperation with the TIB|AV-Portal ESSD authors can now add short, citable video abstracts and video supplements to their articles.

New library and payment concept for ESSD

14 Oct 2015

From January 2016 onwards, ESSD will see changes to the way papers are archived and paid for.

ESSD awarded DOAJ Seal

25 Jun 2015

Earth System Science Data (ESSD) has received the new DOAJ Seal which recognizes journals with an exceptionally high level of publishing standards and best practice.

ESSD now member of COPE

22 May 2015

Earth System Science Data (ESSD) has become a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and thereby subscribes to the principles of COPE.

6th Plenary Climate Change Data Challenge: call for data sets

11 May 2015

In the context of the 6th Plenary RDA meeting, a special challenge aims to connect climate change related data sets with startups, SMEs, and larger organizations with practical application for these data. more

Global carbon budget 2014: Publication of final revised paper

08 May 2015

The peer-review process of the latest annual update of the global carbon budget is completed and the paper has now been published in its final form. more

ESSD indexed by Thomson Reuters as first data journal in Earth sciences

17 Mar 2015

ESSD has been indexed in the Web of ScienceTM as one of the first of the emerging genre of data journals.

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Website relaunch

27 Feb 2015

The ESSD website has been given a new look, and the navigation has been adjusted.
Further details:

ESSD provides full-text XML

19 Nov 2014

Earth System Science Data (ESSD) has started an XML-first workflow and will provide all new articles in full-text XML from now on. 

CO2 emissions set to reach new 40 billion tonne record high in 2014

21 Sep 2014

The latest annual update of the global carbon budget shows that the remaining CO2 emission "quota" may be used up in one generation, and half of all fossil fuel reserves may need to be left untapped. more

ESSD indexed in Scopus

18 Feb 2014

We are very pleased to announce that Scopus has completed its evaluation of ESSD and will include it in the database. more

Global carbon emissions set to reach record 36 billion tonnes in 2013

19 Nov 2013

Global emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels are set to rise again in 2013, reaching a record high of 36 billion tonnes. more

Oceanographers publish new global plankton atlas in "Earth System Science Data"

19 Jul 2013

The MAREDAT team has made their first global atlas of marine plankton publicly and freely available through ESSD. more

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