Proofreading guidelines for authors

  • Authors are responsible for carefully checking their manuscript before submitting for final review and acceptance by the editor. This might contain typos, missing co-authors and their affiliations, terminology, updates of data in tables, or updates of variables in equations. All these have to be clarified with the editor before uploading the accepted manuscript to the production.
  • During production, Copernicus Publications applies typesetting and language copy-editing. This work might raise questions from Copernicus Publications to the author (included as publisher remarks) or vice-versa if authors disagree with the applied services.
  • The first proofreading file is therefore reserved for (a) responses to the publisher remarks, (b) raising Copernicus' awareness of oversights, and (c) expressing disagreement with Copernicus' adjustments.
  • If authors aim to have further changes to the text, tables, or equations different from (a)–(c), Copernicus will forward such requests to the handling editor for approval. If such requests are rather substantial, the review status will be set back to final editor decision.
  • The second proofreading and any further ones are then limited to the clarification of disagreements between Copernicus and the authors. New issues cannot be raised anymore.